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Stairs in today's interior serve not only a functional but also an important accent of the interior. Different interiors use a wide variety of stair elements and stair trim materials. One is to give the stairs a neutral look as if to "hide" them, while the other is to highlight them, making them the center of attraction for the interior. A wide selection of materials, structures and color ranges give you a wide range of choices and unique interior ideas.

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Natural stone in the interior of the building – classic, aesthetic and versatile tasteful choice. As the use of natural materials in the interior has grown in popularity, decorative stone cladding is increasingly being used for staircases in both private and commercial buildings. The natural stone visually fits in perfectly with the wide stairs, which can give a greater impression of space and luxury. The stone is a practical and durable option for outdoor stairs, terrace steps or the like. – where we have adverse weather conditions.

Granit Decor LLC has been manufacturing natural stone stairs for more than 15 years. Our long-standing work in this area means that we carry out our work with high quality and precision, in accordance with Klein’s requirements. We produce both indoor and outdoor stairs and stair steps made of stone. We produce standard variants, but we can also work on individual projects. In addition to the straight stairs, we can also finish the stairs with an “L” or “U” shape. In addition to stair manufacturing, on your request we can carry out stair finishing installation work.

Natural Stone – marble is the ideal solution for interior staircases for both classical and modern interiors. Marble Stairs are one of the most popular choices that give a stone staircase an impression of durability and luxury. The marble staircase is ideal for the interior of any interior.

Granite and marble stairs decoration is increasingly used not only in individual homes but also in commercial premises.


When making outdoor stairs, we recommend our clients granite , which is perfect for outdoor use. Outdoor Stair Steps requires a finishing material that is not only solidly beautiful but also safe to use and resistant to the outside. The rough surface allows the safe use of granite for exterior staircases, so our treated stone will not be slippery in the rain or snow. Decorative stone has a durable surface, is not afraid of moisture, long retains its original appearance.

Another popular choice for staircase installation is quartz stone, which has the same qualities as natural stone, quartz stone is more often used for stairs or stairways, has a subtle sheen that gives it luxury and is extremely durable.

Natural stone staircases can be perfectly combined with wood or metal handrails.

Granit Decor UAB also produces stairs and staircases. For staircases, we invite you to contact and consult our contacts below.