Make sure the stone has a passive and internal column finish of the stone.


Benches made of natural stone are a great option for creating a cozy environment for you.


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Probably all of us, whenever we have a more relaxed moment in the warm season, run from the city to nature or our own garden. Properly and comfortably furnished surroundings ensure a comfortable rest, but rarely can anyone boast of truly quality outdoor furniture. Not only does wooden furniture lose its aesthetic appearance over time, it also becomes obsolete due to its poor environmental resistance. Maintenance of wooden outdoor furniture is costly every year and needs to be updated. We recommend a great alternative and a solid solution – stone outdoor furniture!

Stone for outdoor furniture production can be chipped, smoothed or molded until the required shape is obtained. Natural stone garden furniture retains its beauty for a long time and withstands the environment. Due to the special properties of natural stone, garden furniture made from it, such as benches or countertops, remains durable for a long time without losing its color. Such furniture can also be used in the sauna, on the terrace.

Stone outdoor furniture – a long-term solution!

Natural stone is a symbol of aesthetics, luxury and durability. For those who understand this, stone outdoor furniture is the ideal choice for setting up a garden, creating a cozy exterior around your home. Stone furniture can be a variety of tables, benches – we can offer you a complete set of outdoor furniture, which is not affected by humidity or cold. Stone furniture will not only look beautiful, it will also create a unique original garden design. The stone is ideally suited to the natural environment and the layout of any home. It is worth noting that during the day, stone furniture absorbs all the heat of the sun, and in the evening it will be warm and pleasant to sit down.

Outdoor stone

Usually, stone outdoor benches in our company are made of granite. Such benches withstands environmental impact for decades. For those looking for a more luxurious option for garden tables, we can suggest using marble. Granite is the best stone for making an outdoor countertop. It is resistant to abrasion, pressure, natural factors, scratching, bacteria, absorbency and heat. Such furniture is not only beautiful, durable, but also original in its variety of patterns and natural stone charm. Granite features make the countertop durable, and the granite color palette will blend in with any environment.

Stone outdoor furniture – The ideal way to add beauty to your surroundings, create exclusivity, elegance and luxury, and liveliness. Certainly, outdoor furniture changes over time. Fashion and certain trends also exist in this area. After all, if you want to lie down in the trees today, you may want to go out into the sun tomorrow … Outdoor furniture, if not stone, should be portable to allow them to be repositioned. Even though we live in a country where the rain and snow are far greater than sunny days and we can’t create a tropical climate or an exotic landscape with palm trees, we can always create a cozy environment in our backyard with a little effort.

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