What is granite?

Granite is one of the hardest and strongest rocks formed from sediments of volcanic origin. Since ancient times, granite has been used as an indispensable building and finishing material. In the interior and exterior, granite is used for flooring and wall decoration both indoors and outdoors. Granite is used to make stairs, stairs, balustrades, handrails and skirting boards.

Granite is rugged

Granite, due to its robustness and resistance to the environment, is used in the manufacture of bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops. Granite worktops are extremely resistant to cutting tools and scratches. Granite is not afraid of the effects of high temperatures, such as the bottom of a pan that has just been removed from the hotplate.

Granite environmentally resistant

Granite's frost resistance allows the windowsills made from it to be installed both inside and outside the building, as granite has low water absorption and high frost resistance. These granite features also allow the safe production of granite street furniture, fountains, columns, flower pots, street curbs, cemetery fences, platforms and walkways from granite pavers.

Granite fireplace finishes

Granite fireplace decoration has the property of keeping the fireplace warm and warming the room for a long time. Granite is often used as a material for building fences, foundations, retaining walls, as well as for finishing - finishing with other granite due to its extraordinary strength. Granite is in high demand for making monuments, granite coverings for cemeteries and sculptures.