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Probably many private home and summer home owners are fantasizing about the stone wonder of cozy stone fireplace in their home. Today’s demand for natural stone fireplaces is not out of line with the demand for televisions. Nine out of ten of our clients choose natural stone for fireplace decoration. Fireplace – a source of warmth and coziness. It is not just a piece of furniture, but an extremely important accent of the interior that can change the energy of the whole home. Not only can a fireplace at home become a place to warm up, you can have a nice dinner, chat with your loved ones, and sometimes just read a book or relax while listening to the fireplace click.

Granite, Marble Fireplaces, Natural Stone Fireplaces

The fireplace symbolizes its owner status. Fireplaces always have the most respectable place in the living room because of the flaming fire and the warmth that brings together loved ones and guests in solid and luxurious homes. It is no accident that the fireplace is considered a symbol of harmony in the family. Granite or marble fireplace the finish will definitely create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home.

Although in a modern city the fireplace is no longer the main source of heat, the fireplace is still used for its direct purpose of warming the room.
Choosing the right stone finish for your fireplace often requires advice from professional designers who have experience with stone. When designing your interior, you need to consider from the early stages of the project where and how your fireplace will be installed, what fireplace finish you will use, and so on. When you approach a professional it is a straightforward process and you do not have to change anything in your apartment or house to have a fireplace made of marble or granite stone.

Installing a fireplace at home – it is very important to take care of a high quality fireplace decoration as well. Professional and properly executed fireplace decoration will give the fireplace even more style. It is very important to assume that the fireplace in the home should be a cozy and pleasant accent, professionally matched to the whole home interior.

Professional Fireplace Decoration

Our company recognizes the importance of quality, which is why the focus of work is on the decoration of fireplaces. The quality and the aesthetics of the fireplace depend on the quality of the work. Without a properly designed fireplace finish, the fireplace will not function properly and will damage the overall look of the room. Many years of experience of our employees will guarantee that our fireplace decoration will meet your requirements, pleasing results.

Although we always work according to the client’s requirements, we advise our clients to choose natural stone materials for fireplace decoration. Take a look at our fireplace decoration gallery examples and choose the one that suits you best. If you do not find it difficult to decide, we will provide a consultant at your home or at an agreed location. We know that you may already have a vision of your dream fireplace and the fireplace decoration we offer may not match your vision. When negotiating with professional architects, you can always find a compromise that suits your customers and meets your safety requirements.

Why choose natural stone fireplace decoration?

  • Fireplace finishes are made to your specifications, creating the project with all the required dimensions and home décor.
  • Work is done quickly and efficiently, because we value your time and want our clients to enjoy their new fireplace as soon as possible.
  • Our fireplace finishes are made of natural marble, granite and quartz. These stones reach us from the world’s best suppliers, valued on the international market.
  • We do all the custom work required by our customers and arrange all installation work when you arrive at your home.
  • Professional fireplace decoration specialists advise on the use of granite, quartz and marble to create a distinctive and elegant fireplace style.
  • We help you fulfill your dream of a cozy home, not only by creating fireplaces inside, but also by installing them and fireplace finishes in the outdoors, in summerhouses, in gazebos or on your summer terrace.

We produce fireplaces whose prices favorably differentiate our company from competitors. The individual approach to fulfilling each order ensures a good value for money that is acceptable to each of our customers.

Our fireplaces have been heating and heating houses in Lithuania and neighboring countries for many years. We create traditional and modern fireplace designs and fireplace finishes, help you choose the right shade and material in a tasteful and purposeful way, and solve design issues.