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We are a family business enterprise, which is characterized by clients and partners as energetic, dynamic, energetic, promising, has accumulated extensive experience in the field of natural stone finishing, oriented to the satisfaction of the customers – favorable prices, high quality guarantee.

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The foundation of the company is family members, which is why we always follow family values ​​when communicating with our clients: close communication, understanding, responsibility for family honor. We also strive for 110% result and job satisfaction. Through our responsible, diligent and quality work we have earned the trust and respect of our partners.

The main area of of our company services –

processing of natural stone, granite, marble, onyx, travertine, slate and other stones (cutting, polishing, gluing, etc.), delivery, sale, service (cleaning, impregnation).

We consult, design, manufacture, install: desks, stairs, handrails, fireplaces, mosaics, window sills, window trims, facades, columns, cornices, plinths, outdoor paths, fences, etc.
We carry stone (tiles for facades and floors, mosaics, sinks, fountains, outdoor furniture, pads, curbs, sculptures, garden gazebos) from all over the world. (read more about the services here)

The company is active in the Lithuanian market, and also exports its products to the Baltic, Scandinavian and European countries.

If you are looking for a responsible and reliable partner, contact us at your convenience:

» Jurijus +370 650 23784
» Eugenijus +370 650 60228